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Introduction to the use of a computer and modem for telecommunication
On-line services and the Internet

Prerequisite:  No prior computer knowledge required.

This program is designed for the persons who would like to know how to use their
computer and modem for using On-Line services, sending E-Mail, sending and receiving
Fax documents, and using the Internet. We will be using Windows 95 operating system 
with AOL, MSN, Microsoft Network, and the Grossmont GroNET internet service.

Lecture / Demonstration with Computer Screen Display Overhead.
Some hands on Software.

Material Covered:

Session I
	1 Hr.		1. What are modems, On-Line Services, Fax, and the Internet.
	1 Hr.		2. Access to Bulletin Boards.
	1 Hr.		3. Use of the Fax (send/receive)

Session II
	1 Hr.		4. Use of  On-Line Services (AOL, MSN)
	1 Hr.		5. Sending E-Mail (Electronic Mail)
	1 Hr.		6. Learn to use the AOL Browser & Services.

Session III
        1 Hr.	        7. About Internet Providers.
        1 Hr.		8. Access to the Internet. Thru GroNET and MSN
        1.Hr.		9. Using Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer
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