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On November 21, 1869 eleven people decided to organize a Congregational Church in National City. The original covenant read, in part:"…as members of this Church of Christ, we will faithfully endeavor to honor it in our conduct and lives…to labor and pray for its increase, purity and peace…to walk with its disciples in love…"

During those early years, meetings were held in the homes of members. In August, 1882, a lot on 8th and "A" Streets was secured for the site of a church. No mention was made of its completion date. An item notes that one of the early ministers made his visitation calls on an old-fashioned bicycle, complete with a large front wheel!

A significant venture took place in 1888 when a pipe organ, built in Massachusetts and sailed "around the Horn," was installed in an alcove especially built into the church. It is believed to be the first pipe organ in San Diego County. Certainly it holds the distinction of being the instrument in longest continous use, as it is now in its 109th year of service.

A five year reunion with the Presbyterian Church took place in the early 1900’s. Our present church name was chosen 1909. Reverend Paul Jones served from 1927-41, the longest of any minister to date. In 1931 it was first proposed that another site be selected for the church, since 8th Street had become so noisy it was difficult to hold the congregation’s interest during services!

Finally, ground was broken in February, 1947 at our present location. The first service took place July 27, 1947. A Navy mess hall was purchased in 1949 and became our Fellowship Hall. In the late 1950’s the hall was greatly expanded to include more Sunday school classrooms, a new kitchen and a large auditorium.

In the 1960’s the church withdrew from the United Church of Christ and affiliated with the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches. To this present time we continue as a "free" church, entirely dependent upon the wisdom of God working through the hearts and hands of caring committed Christians.

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