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Dear Hoover Alum,

The Alumni Association of Herbert Hoover High School invites you to join the Association and help us support the students and staff at HHHS.

75% of our dues goes toward scholarships as do the profits from souvenir sales at reunion functions. The rest of the dues goes toward operating expenses which include two Newsletters each school year. Life membership is $100. Annual dues, the life blood of the association, is $15 per year, Sept. 1 to Aug 31. Dues and donations are tax deductible. 100% of donations goes toward scholarships.

Be sure to include your name (maiden name if any) and the year you graduated on all correspondence. Members will receive two copies of the Newsletter each year. Make checks payable to Hoover Alumni Association. Mail to Dwight Kelly, Membership Chairman, 6205 East Lake Dr., San Diego, CA 92119-2811. Membership Phone: (619) 469-8329.

We of the Association thank you.





Hoover Alumni Association

Membership/Renewal Form

To join or renew your membership, please complete this form and return it to:

Hoover Alumni Association

c/o Dwight Kelly, Membership Chairman

6502 East Lake Dr.

San Diego, CA 92119-2811

Phone: (619) 469-8329 e-mail:

Make checks payable to: "Hoover Alumni Association"

Please Print (Maiden if a women)

First Name ________________________ Last Name ______________________

Married Name ______________________

Address __________________________________________________________

City ____________________________ State ________ Zip + 4 ____________

Phone (_____) _______________ CLASS YEAR ___________

[ ] New [ ] Renewal [ ] Annual ($15.00) [ ] Life ($100.00)

[ ] Donations to the Scholarship Fund ($__________) All dues and donations are tax deductible

Print Form and Mail To Dwight

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